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Interview Tips

• A good résumé or CV may get you the interview, so you have good and professional resume or CV with you at the time of interview.
• Do some research about the industry in which you are going for interview
• Bring your resume or CV neat & clean properly filed
• Be punctual. Arrive early for the interview. Plan to arrive for your interview 5-10 minutes before the appointed time.
• Greet the Interviewer
• Make frequent eye contact & Smile, be polite, and have relax
• Don’t be afraid! Listen carefully to the question asked by the interviewer Ask the interviewer to restate a question if you are not clear about question
• Reply clearly and confidently about the question put by interviewer.
• You may get put under pressure at your interview, but you will always stay in control at the time of interview & have confidence on you.
• Bring your Experience Certificates and original documents may be asked by the employer at any time/after interview
• Visual appearance has a powerful impact on interviewers many employer starts making up their mind up about you in the first sixty seconds! Maximum decisions about who finally gets the job are taken in that particular time. So have faith on you.
• Employers do not want to hear excuses or bad feelings about a negative experience. If you are asked about a low grade, a sudden job change, or a weakness in your background, doesn’t be defensive. Focus instead on the facts (briefly) and what you learned from the past experience.
• Most of the employers will list qualities they’re looking for - an Employee, a good communicator so it’s up to you to think of examples of how you can demonstrate these skills. Be ready to talk about your knowledge, experience, abilities and skills.
• It is not what you say, but how you say it. During the interview, do not fold your arms and lean back or look to the floor! Sit upright .Use your hands and lean forward when making a point.
• At the end of interview candidate have thankful to the interviewer.
Note: wishes you to success in life.